Convert FSET to Aerofly TMC File

This is a simplified version of the process for making FS2 scenery from FSET files. It saves you time by creating the TMC file for you. You don't need to worry about co-ordinates and decimal conversion at all, just start in FSET by navigating with the mouse and dragging the selection box to choose the area you want to download.
  1. Choose your scenery region in FSET, and after the download, click the [C] button near the top to copy co-ordinates and settings used to copy buffer
  2. Now right click/paste into the box below (example of what should appear is shown at end of this page)
  3. Click Convert - a new box will appear containing your TMC file
  4. Open config-sample-only.tmc file and replace contents with this TMC code
  5. Now move your FSET files from the working folder to /scenery/input_aerial_images and then run inf2tfwconverter.exe to pre-process
  6. Run config-sample-only.bat to Geoconvert your images
Optional: Change levels of output detail here
Level  9 : Very High Level .......... Mask?
Level 10 : High Level ................. Mask?
Level 11 : Medium Level ............ Mask?
Level 12 : Low Level .................. Mask?
Level 13 : Detailed (Airports) ..... Mask?
Level 14 : V. Detailed (Airports) . Mask?
Level 15 : Super High Detail ...... Mask?

Example of what should appear after pasting in FSET settings

#--- Partial FS Earth Tiles ini datas --- [FSEarthTiles] AreaDefinitionMode = 2Points NorthWestCornerLatitude = 54deg 44min 12.93sec north NorthWestCornerLongitude = 3deg 16min 8.16sec west SouthEastLatitude = 54deg 24min 15.07sec north SouthEastLongitude = 2deg 41min 41.84sec west WorkingFolder = C:\FSET\work SceneryFolder = C:\FSET\Addon Scenery\FSEarthTiles

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